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How many letters can I send? 

There is no limit to the number of letters you can send! We do, however, ask you to wait until you've received your reply from your LetterFriend before penning your next letter. This helps ensure both of you feel happy with the number of letters you're writing/receiving. 

Can I have more than one LetterFriend?

Currently, we allow one LetterFriend per subscription. We've found that this allows for greater friendships to develop, meaning you get the most of our service. 

I'm interested in writing for romance as well as friendship. Is LetterFriends for me?

Absolutely. While there are plenty of LetterFriends just looking for friendship, there are also plenty looking for romance. When you subscribe, you are sent a questionnaire so we can discover your interests and preferences. Let us know you're interested in romance and we'll match you accordingly.  

What if I don't get along with my LetterFriend?

Our matching service is very thorough, and so we're 99% certain you and your LetterFriend will get along great. But if one, or both of you, feel as though you're not quite clicking, we'll rematch you free of charge and with no questions asked. 

How do you keep my personal details safe? 

All letters are sent via our secure PO BOX so no personal addresses are shared. The only information we reveal about you to your LetterFriend is your first name, as well as some of the interests you share to get the conversation started. 

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