Letter from our founder

Dear Friend,

I hope you are well and that the sun is shining as you read this– or, if it is raining, you are at least inside with your favourite hot drink. 

As I am writing, I am watching two ducks in my garden eating the apples that have recently begun to fall from the trees. They seem to instinctively know which fruits are soft enough to mash up with their beaks, and which they need to leave for a few days until the skin begins to brown. I have no doubt that the squirrel will soon join them, and the quarrelling– rather like two children in a sweet shop– will commence. 

It reminds me that winter will soon be upon us. For those couple of weeks in the year where the leaves turn russet and gold, I always feel as though the world is holding its breath, preparing for a new beginning that is just behind the horizon. But as the nights begin to darken and frost coats the grass in the early mornings, loneliness and lack of companionship can also begin to feel heavier than usual. 

 I have always loved letter writing for the warmth of connection it provides. There is something magical in seeing someone else’s handwriting stretched across a page, and noticing the particular ways in which they dot their ‘i’s or curl their ‘c’s. In a world where text messages and social media provide only snippets of conversation, the expanse of thoughts and feelings a letter provides is special. Often, when I have had a particularly challenging day, I have returned to find a letter from my friend Ellie. She usually writes to me about book recommendations and describes the walks she has taken that weekend. It instantly makes me smile. 

 With so many people now experiencing loneliness or lack of connection, it is time to bring the letter and the wonderful experience it offers back. What if we could be matched with people who share our interests and longing for proper conversation, while prioritising our security? And what if we could meet those we had been writing to at events specially provided with safety and socialisation in mind?

 I started LetterFriends so all those things could become a reality. I wanted a programme that connected people outside of internet, that encouraged the formation of friendship, and that allowed everyone to experience the joy of receiving a letter. 

 Those who join LetterFriends will be carefully matched to someone who shares their interests. All letters are first be sent to our PO box. They are then forwarded to your Letter-Friend, ensuring only your first name is revealed. There is also the option to attend accessible events where your comfort is prioritised, should you wish to meet your LetterFriend or other members of the community,

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Yours sincerely,

Megan Breakwell


Happy Couple