Lift Off!

On Friday the 3rd of December, a group of people gathered at Cheshire View in Christleton. They were there to celebrate the launch of LetterFriends, a business that creates companionship. But everyone who attended the launch left with something unexpected- a new appreciation for the written word, and most importantly, new friendships.

It started with a discussion around Leonardo Da Vinci. Those who know me well will smile at this- Da Vinci is a favourite inspiration of mine, and so the opportunity to bring up his letters was one I could not miss. Da Vinci was fighting to establish his place in the highly competitive art world of Florence. Wishing for a change of scenery and new inspiration, he wrote to the Duke of Milan asking for employment. In the letter, he describes his many talents, from bridge construction and cannon making to underground passages and armoured wagons- oh, and of course, painting and sculpting. The Duke of Milan employed Da Vinci for the next 16 years. It is incredible to think without this letter, Da Vinci may not have painted some of the masterpieces he is best known for.

After talking about how letters can be timestamps in history, we shared the impact they had on our lives. One of my favourite moments of the launch was when Geoff Stevenson, our guest speaker, pulled out a bundle of letters he had sent when he was applying for his first job. Those letters are a piece of his journey, a testament to who he once was, and who he hoped to be. Geoff then went on to share how letters proved a lifeline at another moment in his life when his daughter travelled to a remote area of Hong Kong for two months.

Others then joined the discussion. Some guests had letters that are ‘definitely blackmail material’ from past lovers. Letters from friends, admirers, spouses and lost loved ones coloured the conversations. But there was one key, recurring confession, people kept the letters they received. Letters have a hidden power. They are an expanse of thoughts and feelings that cannot be disregarded, and it was through the discussion of these letters that new friendships and connections were formed.

So now I invite you, dear reader, to think about the joy and memories letters have brought to your life. After a little reflection, you may find they are much more important than you thought.

Yours Sincerely,

Megan Breakwell


Returning to timeless values, LetterFriends connects people through the art of letter writing. Choose to build companionship through letters only, or sign up to one of our specialist events to meet your LetterFriends match in a safe environment.

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